Chris Martin Admits Depression Over Divorce
Following his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin recently confessed that he struggled with depression for a year as a result. He said that the only way he could comfort himself was through poetry by Rumi, a poet of Persian descent. ❤️ #chrismartin #coldplay A photo posted by Chris... Read more
Bruce Willis And Wife Celebrate Seven Years Of Marriage
Embracing the idea of the seven year itch common among married couples, Bruce Willis and his wife Emma took their five daughters and went to Turks & Caicos for a family getaway. The getaway was a double celebration for Willis’s 61st birthday and the couple’s seventh wedding anniversary. Bruce... Read more
Ashanti Stalker Trial Hits Speed Bump
Though Ashanti is currently embroiled in a court case regarding a man who is stalking her, the trial has hit a speed bump in the mind of Ashanti. Hurd, the man stalking her, has been charged with a felony after a previous stalking incident in which he sent her... Read more
Hilary Swank Engaged At Last
Hilary Swank has announced that she is engaged to boyfriend Ruben Torres, a professional tennis coach. She announced the engagement and told her fans that it happened while she and Ruben were out on a hike. The two have been together since summer of 2015 and went public with... Read more
No More Instagram For 50 Cent
After his recent bankruptcy controversy, rapper 50 Cent has shut down his Instagram account. He will no longer post photos to the account after having gone to court to justify to a judge why he posted a picture surrounding by a large amount of money and then claimed he... Read more
Garner And Affleck On Their Divorce
After Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s breakup they have been dodging questions from the press concerning the subject. Though neither one is talking about the divorce itself, Garner is telling the media that she is doing well and that their kids still spend time with Affleck. However, Affleck is... Read more
Girl Power Meets The White House
In a historic collaboration, Michelle Obama got together with many of Hollywood’s hottest musicians to record a song called “This is for My Girls.” The song is meant to empower women and girls and will be used to represent a related charity. #62MillionGirls deserve the same chances as our... Read more
Jersey Shore Reunion For One Happy Couple
Amid breakups and reconciliations, Jersey Shore stars Ronnie and Sammie are officially back together. Both Sammie and Ronnie have confessed to their respective friends that since they broke up neither of them ever fell in love with anyone else. The two have been breaking up and getting back together... Read more
Kerry Washington Denies Rumors Of Split
Kerry Washington is letting the world know that she and husband Nnamdi Asomugha have not broken up, despite rumors to the contrary. She said that she often has to deal with rumors about her personal life because she doesn’t talk about it in public.  Kerry has made it a... Read more
Madonna Has Public Meltdown At Concert
In the midst of a bitter custody battle Madonna is involved in with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, the stress is apparently getting to her. At a recent concert in Melbourne, fans saw Madonna drank tequila straight from the bottle, while onstage. She drunkenly asked the audience who was going to... Read more
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