Did You Mean Rachel Roy?
A few weeks ago, Beyoncé released her latest album Lemonade, which told the story of her being cheated on. In one of the featured songs, Beyoncé references the mistress through the lyric “Becky with the good hair.” Fans were quick to speculate that “Becky” was, in fact, fashion designer... Read more
Ozzy is Out! Sharon Osbourne Prepares for Divorce From Husband of 33 Years
Reports claim that Sharon Osbourne discovered that her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, was having an affair with a hairstylist – as well as several other women. Thus, after over 3 decades of marriage, Sharon Osbourne is telling insiders that she is “mentally ready” to start a new chapter in her... Read more
Tyga and Kylie Cut Ties
Reality star Kylie Jenner has been romantically linked since back in October of 2014 to rapper Tyga. Although the two have a notable age difference (8 years), they have managed to maintain a fairly stable relationship since getting romantically involved with one another. However, the two have reportedly decided... Read more
Coco is Twinning with Baby Chanel
At the end of 2015, rapper Ice-T and TV personality Coco Austin welcomed their first baby into the world, daughter Chanel. In typical Coco fashion, Chanel was almost immediately shown off on social media. Now that Chanel is a few months old, Coco continues to show off her daughter... Read more
John Legend Pleads the Internet to Shame Him
A few weeks ago celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend welcomed their first baby together, daughter Luna. A little while after, the duo was spotted going out for a fancy dinner together without their newborn. This triggered frenzy on the Internet as people “mom-shamed” Chrissy for not staying... Read more
The “Highest Paid Supermodel in the World” Gets Bullied
Recently The New York Times posted a telling interview with international supermodel Gisele Bündchen. In the article Gisele talked candidly about being bullied when she was younger based on her appearance. She explained to the publication that her classmates used to call her “Olive Oyl” due to her notably... Read more
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