Kardashians Take Legal Action Against Doctor
Recently an Australian plastic surgeon named Doctor Gary Eldrige made waves in the media after he offered clients what he deemed a “Kardashian Facelift.” He claimed that he named the procedure after his young daughter’s dog (who conveniently also goes be the name Kardashian). Unfortunately, this didn’t sit well... Read more
Trump’s Tirades Are Not Doing Well for Business
Back in 2015, former reality show host Donald Trump shocked the world when he officially announced that he was running for president. Since then, he has alienated and enraged numerous groups through his controversial statements. Unfortunately for Donald, while he may be doing well in the voting polls, his... Read more
A New James Bond Coming Our Way
The past few movie installments in the James Bond franchise have starred actor Daniel Craig as the leading mystery man. However, Daniel has been outspoken about his disinterest in starring in anymore bond films. Thus, the studios are frantically searching for a replacement to take over the iconic role.... Read more
Gavin Skeptical About Gwen’s Man, Blake Shelton
Over the past few months Voice co-stars Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been romantically linked, as they unexpectedly decided to take their friendship to the next level. This development followed Gwen’s divorce from her long-time husband, Gavin Rossdale. While Gwen has seemingly never been happier, Gavin is reportedly... Read more
Jay-Z and Beyoncé Team Up for a Follow-Up
Publication Page Six just recently spoke with an inside source who claims that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are just putting the finishing touches on a collaborative follow-up album to Beyoncé’s Lemonade. The source claimed, “Jay and Beyoncé were never going to do an interview to address all the questions that... Read more
Mariah Carey is About to Make Some Movie Magic
Singer and actress Mariah Carey has just signed a three-movie deal with the Hallmark channel. According to several publications, Mariah will be teaming up with the network to develop, produce, direct and co-star in three original holiday-themed movies. The network has already set the planned release date for the... Read more
Anne Hathaway Does Some Social Media Backtracking
Actress Anne Hathaway had to do some major damage control after she “unintentionally” dissed arguably the most well known family in the world. Initially the star posted a picture of her Alice Through the Looking Glass co-star Helena Bonham Carter with a tagline reading, “In a World of Kardashians…Be... Read more
Beyoncé Owns the Day
From Grammy’s to Billboard Awards, Beyoncé has seemingly won it all. Album after album, the powerful songstress continues to dominate the charts. Unsurprisingly, she has just added another accomplishment to her every-growing list. On May 23, the governor of Minnesota announced that May 23rd would officially be known as... Read more
Emma Watson Goes Disney
Disney finally dropped the highly anticipated trailer for their live-action adaption of their classic animated movie Beauty and the Beast. The teaser has been getting lots of attention on the Internet as it gives viewers a (very short) glimpse at Emma Watson, who is known for her role as... Read more
Terrifying Messages Keep Niall Horan Up At Night
One Direction member Niall Horan opened up to fans on Twitter about a group of fans who have been harassing him over text. On his social media page, Niall explained “For the last two weeks, I’ve been receiving messages off a group of fans, they have drowned my phone... Read more
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