Kim Kardashian is feeling “more positive” about life after robbery
After being robbed at gunpoint in Paris, Kim Kardashian has been as low-key as possible. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star has quit social media and hasn’t been seen leaving the house since the incident. She even cancelled her lavish 36th birthday party a few days ago. Balenciaga.... Read more
Kylie Jenner Denies Having Done Cheek or Jaw Surgery
Rumors that Kylie Jenner has had a jaw or cheek surgery have been going on since forever, but the 19 year old star has decided to put a stop on them. “No I didn’t . People started saying that when I was 16.” – Kylie told on... Read more
Lady Gaga Tattoos her New Album Title
It’s becoming a tradition that when Lady Gaga releases a new album, she gets a tattoo of its title. Back in 2013 Gaga tattooed “ARTOPOP”, the title of her 4th studio album and this time she had “JOANNE” tattooed on her forearm. On Monday, the 30 year old singer... Read more
Justin Bieber wants to be treated like a “Real Artist”
Justin Bieber has been very rude to fans during his concerts lately telling them to shut up and to stop screaming and now seems like this behavior has an explanation. A JB source has told TMZ that “he’s doing all of this intentionally”. “He does not want to perform... Read more
Britney Spears’s Bra Almost Falls during Live Performance in Las Vegas Residency
Britney Spears suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction on Saturday night (10.22.2016), while performing at her “Piece of Me” residency in Las Vegas. Britney was performing “I love rock n roll”, when her bra unzipped, almost uncovering her boobs. Spears didn’t seem very bothered, but her dancers immediately came to... Read more
Justin Bieber Drops Microphone and Leaves Stage Because Fans Keep Screaming
It’s a bit rude to ask fans not to scream at a concert, but Justin Bieber doesn’t mind at all. The 22 year old singer not only asked his fans to not scream when he was talking, but also drop the mic and left the stage when the fans... Read more
Kylie Jenner Explain Why She Confused a Pig for a Chicken in the New Viral Video
A few months ago in a Keeping up with the Kardashians episode, Kriss Jenner gave Kylie a pig as a gift for moving into a new house. When she saw the pet, Kylie thought it was a chicken. Now a vine from that episode has gone viral and Kylie... Read more
Drake Celebrates 30th Birthday With Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, French Montana and More!
Whoever thought Katy Perry and Taylor Swift would not attend the same party again after their feud was wrong! The two pop singers attended Drake’s birthday party last night, but obviously they didn’t interact at all. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift last night at Drake's birthday party in LA.... Read more
Last night Taylor Swift performed for the first time in a year as she held a concert at Austin’s Formula One United States Grand ? A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Oct 22, 2016 at 7:29pm PDT The “Wildest Dreams” singer looked gorgeous in a black sparkly... Read more
Watch Lady Gaga Perform On Saturday Night Live
Lady Gaga was a musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week and she did a great job! The “Perfect Illusion” singer performed two songs from her new album Joanne, “Million Reasons” and “A-Yo”. A photo posted by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) on Oct 23, 2016 at 6:58am PDT During... Read more
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