Amber Heard Releases Emotional PSA on Domestic Violence
Amber Heard has been all over the news this year following the split with actor Johnny Depp because he violated her. Now, the actress has become part of a Thanksgiving PSA related to domestic violence. She discusses about her own experience without naming the partner, but we can all... Read more
Selena Gomez Returns on Instagram with Emotional Message after 3 months Break
Selena Gomez, aka the queen of Instagram has just made her comeback to the social network after a 3 months break. The 24 year old singer broke the silence on Thanksgiving Day with a special post dedicated to her fans. I have a lot to be thankful for this... Read more
Watch Taylor Swift and Her Squad do the Mannequin Challenge
The Mannequin Challenge has become Internet’s next sensation as every person, famous or not, is doing it. The next celebrity who has posted a video doing the challenge video is Taylor Swift with her famous squad. The group spent Thanksgiving Day chilling at the beach and decided to shoot... Read more
Kylie Jenner Hosts The Kardashian Family Thanksgiving Dinner
The Kardashians have this tradition that a different member of the family hosts the Thanksgiving dinner each year, and this year it was Kylie Jenner’s turn. The 20 year old star surely took it to another level and shared the whole cooking/preparing process on Snapchat. A photo posted by... Read more
The Weeknd Releases New Album ‘Starboy’ – Listen Now
The Weeknd has finally dropped his highly anticipated third studio album called “Starboy” on Thanksgiving Day. 10 MORE DAYS A photo posted by The Weeknd (@theweeknd) on Nov 15, 2016 at 5:55pm PST The 26 year old singer, whose real name is Abel Tesfay, has released this new project... Read more
Justin Bieber Punched a Fan in Barcelona – Watch the Video
Justin Bieber’s relationship with his fans hasn’t been very stable lately. The 22 year old singer stormed off stage recently in Manchester during his Purpose Tour because he got angry with fans. Another night he told them to “take a chill pill,” explaining, “I don’t feel like I’m being... Read more
Orlando Bloom Spends Thanksgiving with Katy Perry and Her Family
Despite all the rumors that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had split, the couple proved the opposite as they just spent Thanksgiving together. It was Bloom who joined with Katy’s family to celebrate the holiday and the “Dark Horse” singer posted a video on InstaStory where we can see... Read more
FBI Closes Brad Pitt’s Child Abuse Investigation
It has been revealed that FBI has officially closed the investigation open for Brad Pitt following the allegations that he might have “lost his temper” in front of his kids on a private plane on September 14th. Next monday on NBC's "TODAY" #Interview #bythesea A photo posted by Brad... Read more
Adele Says She is “Off to Have a Baby”
During an interview for Vanity Fair a couple of weeks ago, Adele revealed she didn’t want to have another baby because of how hard it was the first time, but it looks like she already has changed her mind. Houston, TX / Toyota Center / Nov 10 A photo... Read more
Kylie Jenner Now Has The Most Viewed Video on  Instagram – Check it Out
Looks like breaking Instagram records runs in the Jenner family! First it was Kendall Jenner who had the most liked picture on Instagram (Before Selena Gomez took it), and now Kylie Jenner has the most watched video ever in the site. We all remember Kylie’s iconic Xtina look for... Read more
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