Top 15 Best Scenes of Joe Pesci Top 15 Best Scenes of Joe Pesci
1- “You think I’m funny”, Goodfellas Joe Pesci’s performance in Goodfellas has always been considered as one of his best; especially the ‘You think... Top 15 Best Scenes of Joe Pesci

1- “You think I’m funny”, Goodfellas

Joe Pesci’s performance in Goodfellas has always been considered as one of his best; especially the ‘You think I’m funny scene’. The way Joe Pesci manages to get all serious all of a sudden and then goes back to being funny again is very amazing to watch. No wonder Pesci managed to win an Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. It’s considered the best scene in Goodfellas and Joe Pesci wrote and directed the scene himself.

2- Desert Scene, Casino

Nicky Santoro is definitely one of Joe Pesci’s most memorable characters. The desert scene truly exemplifies Joe Pesci’s extraordinary acting. It’s very impressive he abuses De Niro’s character and the entire situation seems so normal right in the middle of the desert. Joe Pesci portrays the villain he plays in Casino in the best way possible. This scene could probably hold the record for the most number of times the word f*ck has been used in a scene.

3- The Pen Scene, Casino

Staying again at the movie Casino, the pen scene is another memorable one by Joe Pesci. The way the scene escalates so quickly from someone asking Is this your pen to someone being stabbed with that pen is really intense. Joe Pesci does amazing work and the scene is shot so nicely. The smoke and then the blood, truly go so well with Joe Pesci’s intense acting in the part. This scene proves why Casino remains one of the best movies of its kind.

4- Spider Scene, Goodfellas

Another great Joe Pesci scene in Goodfellas is when his character Tommy kills Spider. Joe Pesci truly shows what he can do in this part as Tommy. Obviously Tommy isn’t going to let anyone disrespect him, and when someone pushes his buttons, he will take drastic measures. Once again a funny situation ends up with someone being killed.

5- Now go home and get your shinebox, Goodfellas

This scene in Goodfellas surely doesn’t come unexpected. Telling Tommy to go home and get your f***ing shine box surely isn’t something clever to do. Considering how Joe Pesci’s character, Tommy, is twisted and kind of bi-polar, we would have to say he has done a great work in this scene, especially when he comes back and starts hitting and unleashing all his anger to Billy.

6- Tommy’s Mother, Goodfellas

Coming straight from scene number 5, here Joe Pesci (Tommy) goes to his mother’s house after almost killing someone and seems like nothing has happened. He eats his meal, shared a laugh with the mother and friends and suddenly it’s time to get back to business! They now finish the job they started by finishing Billy brutally and burying his body.

7- Don’t Try It With Nicki, Casino

When the two wise men try to rob Nicky (Joe Pesci), they think they can outsmart him, but they don’t know who they’re dealing with. Considered as one of the most iconic scenes in Casino and in general, Joe Pesci manages to scare off the men by being calm and only threatening them. That’s a whole different side that the actor hasn’t shown much in his roles, so enjoy it:

8- Hit Me!, Casino

This part of the movie Casino where Joe Pesci portrays Nicky Santoro playing blackjack is also another memorable scene. In this part, Pesci shows the Drunk, verbally abusive and offensive side of Santoro. The essence of this scene though is how he manages to seem so furious in his actions, but the way he talks manages to cause laughter, especially when he starts hitting the man with the telephone.

9- Joe Threatening The Banker, Casino

Another great part of Casino when Joe Pesci is talks to the banker. From the minute he steps in the house and tells him The least you can do is return my phone calls you know Nicky is not going to leave it at that. The greatness of this part is how the threatening starts with a normal tone, almost like having a normal conversation and then it starts heating up.

10- The Scene with Sharon Stone, Casino

The scene when Joe Pesci throws Sharon Stone down the steps in Casino is so memorable; mostly because they both are outstanding actors and play the part so well. All the screaming and face expressions are on point during the sequence, making it one of Joe Pesci’s top scenes. He shows this part of Nicky’s character that he doesn’t care whether it’s a man or woman in front of him, he will treat everyone the same.

11- Stack’s Cool-Blooded Murder, Goodfellas

This part in Goodfellas where Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) cold bloodedly kills Stack is one of the best scenes in gangster movies. DeVito goes over to Stack’s house, who is still sleeping, and as always starts being funny and friendly until he shoots him unexpectedly. The way the scene is narrated in really great and the bloody scene really makes it very dramatic. Joe Pesci’s acting here is top notch.

12- Whip It, Casino

The scene when Joe Pesci has fought with Robert De Niro’s character Ace, and they’re ignoring each other is also one of Joe’s top scenes. This part is very badass as the background music goes perfectly in tune with everything that’s happening. In this scene of Casino, even though Joe Pesci tries his best to sound funny, he can’t help but look a bit jealous.

13- I Thought you were laying, Casino

When you mention the Casino movie to anyone, you can’t help but mention the laying part, as Joe Pesci has managed to make this an iconic scene. Everyone finds Joe’s (Nicky’s) insults & threats so epic, but this one is on another level, especially when he says Maybe if I stick your fucking face through this window over here you’ll get unconfused. That’s when he gets the money back immediately.

14- The feds run out of gas, Casino

The part when the feds run out of gas is definitely the most hilarious scene in the movie Casino. The fact that they have been watching over Nicky (Joe Pesci) for so long at the golf course that their plane runs out of gas and they have to land immediately is damn funny. On the other hand, Joe Pesci look’s so calm while saying They’re fucking agents, and literally not caring at all. When he says $100 whoever hits the plane that really seals this scene and makes it really hilarious.

15- The cowboy scene, Casino

Another great scene of Joe Pesci from the movie Casino that we can’t help but mention is the cowboy scene. The way Nicky kicks the cowboy with the telephone and slaps him because he called his friend Ace a faggot is real badass. It shows how much Nicky cares for his friend, even though he seems like he only cares for himself.

Bonus Scene

So many great scenes from Joe Pesci in his roles! He really has done a wonderful job at portraying the typical self-centered gangster who doesn’t care about anything or anyone. All his fans and colleagues are grateful for all the entertainment and laughs he has given. We tried collecting some of his best scenes, and it was really hard because there’s so much to choose from. To close it, enjoy the appearance of Joe in the Muppets. This bonus scene shows how funny Joe Pesci is in real life, too.

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